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maio 11, 2018

Hello loves, the post today is about the store FashionMia and I will bring some pieces that are my favorite of the moment that are on the site. As there is no way to put all the photos, because the post will stay longer has brought only twelve models. Some I have very similar.

I'm invested a lot in denim pieces. In denim in my wardrobe I only had jeans. But last year it got super high in the looks in jeans, also falls on the wave and invested very mainly in dresses. On the blog I show only the pieces that come from the shops, but I bought parts in very similar washes that these. All the pieces below I withdrew from this category, fashion dresses.

The site counts with several pages and category of dresses. It has in various models: embroidered in several prints in particular the floral ones and also in prints in roses that are super high. The site has a variety of dresses, see shift dresses.

Which woman doesn't like red, does she? A well-spent red lipstick, leaves any look W-O-N-D-E-R-F-U-L. The pieces below are in burgundy dressed colors, for those who do not know is a shade of red. Many of these dresses I would buy just to shoot myself, It's something that really makes me happy.

Let Me know. What are your favorites?

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